To All of You at Pet Cremation Services

On October 29th you cremated Xena, a 74 lb. black German Shepard.  Many years ago, my sister had her dog cremated and she got the ashes back in a cardboard box with a plastic bag inside. That is what I expected to get also.


When I showed up to pick up the ashes, I was so surprised that it was in a nice little bag. I didn’t check everything out real well until I got home. Once I opened the bag and the envelope and read everything I started to cry. The death certificate and the poem were so nice. I never expected something like that.


I really want to thank you for everything you did from picking her up to delivering the ashes. I know that it is not an easy or glamorous job that you do, but I am so glad that you do it.


I got Xena when I moved into my house 12 years ago. I had no idea the yard was solid clay. There was no way at my age that I could dig a grave for her, or there would be a second funeral. I am really glad that you were there to help me.


Thank You So Much

Rob S.,